Working Hard For You

The issues that we are facing today aren’t Republican or Democratic, they are American issues!

I believe every Floridian has the right to go to college, own a home, raise a family, and live the American dream.  Working together we can create an economy where small business thrives, jobs are abundant, and every child has access to an empowering education.   As an educator I understand the unique challenges our young people face, the hardships their parents have been battling, and what can happen when a community comes together to better itself.  The legacy we leave our children is being shaped in the policies we make today.

Growing up in a middle class family my parents taught me to work hard, help others, and always be grateful for God’s blessings.  On the hockey rink my dad instilled the importance of teamwork, fair play, and to always get up when you’re down. At home my mother (1 of 8 siblings) taught me to be kind to others, diligent in my studies, and to keep family first.  I have always worked hard; delivering papers in middle school, bagging groceries in high school, waiting tables through college and now educating our next generation.  It’s that same work ethic that I will take with me to Tallahassee.

I am proud to call Daytona Beach my home!  As your next State Senator I will work hard to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream. The American Dream you envision for your life, that of your children, and grandchildren.  


David W. Cox 

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"I'm an educator, not a politician!"